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St Arvans Community Plan Steering Group Treasurers Financial Report for the AGM; March 11th 20019
The St Arvans Community Plan (SACP) was first constituted on January 19th, 2015. Since then we have held a total of eleven events, the purpose of which is to generate funds for the Community and Residents of St Arvans village. Attached is a copy of the first financial report explaining how the initial working capital was generated. Since that date we have increased our capital to an impressive £6782.93 (balance as of today), this has been generated from Summer Fêtes, Ceilidh Nights and the recent inter-village Scarecrow Trail. In 2018 the Committee were able to obtain additional support for the Summer Fête in the form of sponsorship from Oakgrove Stud Farm. Additional sponsorship has also been received from St Arvans Community Council. In addition to this, members of the Committee have obtained promises of sponsorship, once again from Oakgrove Stud, now Chepstow Racecourse and a local business Jason Vickers Plumbing. SACP help to fund the village Litter-picking Group associated with Keep Wales Tidy, this same organisation also provides us with discounted insurance cover for the Litter-picking Group and in addition, also covers the various events which we hold thought the year. SACP also support the village Speedwatch Group which is generally active throughout the Spring, through to the beginning of Winter. This group is funded by the Police who provided the speed detection equipment with which to operate the group they also provide the insurance cover. The Committee has gained new Members and lost some of the founder Members, due to them moving away. The ones in question are Trustee and Chairperson Susan Grant (nee Gilby), Trustee Tony Keeley, Trustee Mark Leeming. New Members and Trustees in the form of Hannah Marangon and Faye Wilson have been elected in their place. We also have a new Secretary; Susie Babar. Resulting from the Committee changes the Bank Mandates have been revised for the following Committee Members:- Peter Thompson – Chairman and Trustee (existing) Hannah Marangon – Trustee   (new authority) Faye Wilson – Trustee   (new authority) Ian Whitford – Treasurer and Trustee  (existing) Susie Babar - Secretary The Community Plan Group has grown into a financially healthy and active organisation, able to plan funding for new projects, which the Group was originally formed. The accounts are unaudited, however in my opinion the accounts are healthy.
Below is a brief summary of the 2018 events which the Committee has organised along with the income received from each event.

Events for 2018       

Income into Bank Account 

SACP Sumer Fête, Saturday 16th June 2018                                         £2,881.64

SACP Scarecrow Weekend, Saturday 15th September 2018                     £199.00

SACP Ceilidh Night, Saturday 1st December 2018                                  £1,155.00

                                                                                                 Banked £4,235.64


Deposits up to 11th March 2019      

Banked Sponsor’s Contribution                                                                  £250.00

Cheque for Fête                                                                                         £10.00

Donna Simmonds                                                                                       £10.00

Small Change from Pub Quiz                                                                         £1.00

Deposited                                                                                                 £271.00


Running Expenses for 2018

Deposit for Rainbow Gecko (2019 Fete)                                                         £50

Printing of Flyers                                                                                        £43.90

Keep Wales Tidy Insurance                                                                       £127.50

Website Maintenance                                                                                  £54.00

Expenses Total                                                                                          £275.40

Signed ______________________
Ian Whitford - Treasurer, St Arvans Community Plan Steering Group
Please Note: I wish to give notice to the Committee that I would like them to appoint another person to take on the duties of the Treasurer. I have carried out this role since the Community Plan was formed in 2015 and now after four years, I think it is time to stand aside to let a more competent member take over. My reasons are many but in the main; I need to devote more of my time to helping my wife as her health is declining. Plus, the responsibility and time to devote to the Treasurers duties are becoming increasingly difficult to juggle among my many other activities for SACP and my Probus interests.  I accept that it may take some time to find a volunteer to take over this work, so I will continue for the current year with these duties, which also include help with the Litter-picking Group and Coordinator for Speedwatch - at least for the immediate future until a replacement is found. I am happy to remain a Committee Member and Trustee, should the Committee wish it. I have enjoyed seeing the village plan develop into the success it is today and working with the present Committee Members. I would wish to be of further assistance – perhaps in a more practical way.
Ian Whitford – Trustee and Treasurer

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