Fete 2018 Review

Ian Whitfor writes........

First, a little background information. The St Arvans Community Plan Steering Group was set up in 2015 with the intention of raising funds to help the people of our village and to improve their lives. This was an idea formulated by the then PM David Cameron. It was originally funded with £25 donated by the five appointed Trustees at the time. We are now able to consider supporting the Community with
funds from the Community Plan so the Trustees would welcome suggestions and ideas.
This is the third year the village has organised the Summer Fête and once again it was a great success. This is down to all the hard working volunteers and helpers, who turn out each year to make it all happen, the list of names is amazing, thank you so much, without you, it just wouldn’t happen.
The support you give is very much appreciated and certainly more so by our leading lady, Hannah Marangon, it’s down to her organising abilities, her persuasive powers and quiet personal approach that leads to the success of the Fête each year.
For the two weeks of the hot and sunny weather in early June we kept a watchful eye, hoping that the good weather would hold, but alas it decided to let us down on the day. But despite the inclement weather it was a great success, people turned out in their numbers to support us. Poor Tony on the carpark was getting overwhelmed with the number of vehicles turning up. I had laid out the carpark with the help of my son Andrew, the night before and just as it was organised last year, thinking that
will be fine with sufficient spaces. But oh no, the barriers had to be moved at least once to accommodate the extra cars. Word had obviously got around about our little event, filling the parking area with visitors. Some attendees from the village had driven down to avoid getting rained on walking down to the field, so that may account for some excess vehicles.
There were numerous stalls some twenty-three from the village, then there were visiting trades people in addition to ours organised by the village. One exception is the Tombola Bottle stall run by Judith and Alan Bolton, this stall always does well, I don’t know what Judith’s secret is, but she always has a good result. Other outstanding stalls were the ice cream – last year it was a sell-out, so no surprise
there as it was a scorcher then, but they did reasonably well this year. The Hoopla stall run by Sara Glynn was a great attraction, was it the charismatic Sara which made it so? All things considered with low value items selling and as prizes the Fête did well overall. There were some disappointments, the WI organised a competition for the children to make up vegetable and fruit characters, their final count
was a total of eight entries. Splat-the-Rat didn’t do at all well neither did the Stocks, these were good attractions last year. Perhaps it was the weather that held them back.
The Bar did well too, selling the Pimms drink and Andrew telling the ladies, you also get your five a day fruit with the Pimms, I'm not sure if that helped to sell the drink, but it raised a smile on their faces.
The Beer also sold well, although more would have been consumed if it had been a hot day, but alas no takers for the wine. The next popular stall was the Bar-b-Que and well placed next to the bar, a burger washed down with a beer - lovely. With the rain the Tea Room also did quite well with lots of lovely home baked cakes and biscuits to accompany the tea or coffee. We even had a visit from the
Community Police Support Officers, two very nice lady CPSO’s talked to the children and parents about safety and matters of concern to all.
There was a great show of entertainers from Old Play Rock Band with Will Marangon, Stephen Rosser, Andy Thomas and James O' Shea, they were very popular, as always and also acting as MC’s. Also, on the music front were the Epic Dance Group performing in the centre arena and the Dell Primary School Choir. Then there were some performing events displayed by the Modern Samurai group demonstrating their fighting skills. All in all, a good afternoons entertainment and not put off by the weather, the sun did come out a little later in the afternoon to brighten things up.
Visiting was the Children’s entertainer Rainbow Gecko – the bubble man and the Reptile display by DWAEC (tropical animals), this always goes well with the children, these two were sponsored by Oak Grove Stud Farm, so our thanks goes to them for their generosity.

Acknowledgments and thanks to the following:-
The list of helpers and stalls is just to long to record here with over 40 people in attendance helping out and 23 stalls from the village. We will print the complete list for next month’s 5Ways edition, so we hope those helpers aren’t too disappointed that their names aren’t listed here.
Once the final figures are in and all expenses paid we will be able to say what our profit will be in 5ways next month.

Also, our thanks go to the following:-
Oak Grove Stud Farm for sponsoring the DWAEC (tropical animals) and Rainbow Gecko (children’s
Judith & Rhys Parry for donating Raglan Farm Park tickets for the raffle.
St Arvans Community Council for donating Treasure Island competition prize - tickets for SS GreatBritain.
The W.I for running a children's competition.
Residents for donating items for Fête.
The church for their attendance.
Local businesses for donating prizes - Tesco, Waitrose, The Piercefield, Chepstow Racecourse.
A special thank you to Hannah and her friends for all the hard work they put in to making our annualFête a great success.

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